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Welcome to Shaadi Badhai.

The one-stop weddings and daily events solution platform. Here you'll get solutions to all your queries and requirements. We are the all total complete service provider who takes care of the management of the wedding and daily events by bridging the gap between a service seeker and the one who provides the best.

All About You

We at Shaadi Badhai do not take Shaadi (wedding) just as a business. 

We know and understand the dreams behind it.


That's why we have curated ourselves to serve you in every aspect and sense. We get ourselves enrolled in terms of creating something, always new. At Shaadi Badhai every Shaadi (wedding) or any daily event/function is important to us, that is why we do not simply take any requirement just as a business to fulfill with demand and supply. 

For us, it's a journey of two souls which has been meant and made for a purpose > the purpose has its own story and > the story can be an incident or a bond of long-term relationships. 

This is where we come into lights, camera and action. We store these journies into your lives.

Connect with us today to know more.

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